Empire Avenue Tools (WordPress Plugin)

The Empire Avenue Tools plugin adds Empire Avenue features to your blog. The current version provides two features: ticker links and a badge widget.

Ticker Links


Adding “(e)” before a ticker as become common on EA. On the website, tickers written this way are converted to a link to the user’s page. This is exactly what this plugin does with any EA ticker you write using the (e)TICKER formatĀ  on your blog. When hovering the ticker link, a tooltip appears showing the badge for that ticker.

Note that the “e” must be lowercase and all the letters of the ticker must be uppercase.

Badge Widget

The badge widget lets you promote your stock price and ticker on your blog. It is available in two formats: 125×125 and 190×167 (shown above).


Current version: 0.3.0

You can download and install the plugin from the plugin page on WordPress.org or directly from your dashboard, in the “Plugins” section.

If you are not using WordPress, you can add this feature using a jQuery plugin named Eavify.

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Posted at July 22nd, 2010.