Facebook Bug on New Like Buttons

Earlier today, Dave H reported that he was getting an error when trying to use the Like button on his website. It appears that this error is widespread and is a bug coming from Facebook. When clicking on “Like” the user will see a red “Error” message and clicking on it will say that the page could not be reached. It seems to affect all newly created Like buttons. So, if you newly install the plugin, it will affect all your posts. If you already have the plugin, all your existing posts should be fine, but any new post should be affected (this includes the Like button on this very post… try it, you’ll probably get the error).

All we can do is wait for Facebook to fix this bug, hopefully soon. You can follow the thread about this bug on Facebook Developers Forum or visit the bug report page for more information.

Update: The bug is not marked as resolved yet, but I do not get it anymore. Let me know if you still get it. Also, you can find more info about the bug on this post from Mashable.

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Posted in WordPress by Olivier at May 31st, 2010.
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  • Af

    I have installed the plugin and activated the like button and the recent activity sidebar widget. They seem to work ok but there is a problem withh the following line appearing on top of the post pages:
    Warning: array_values(): The argument should be an array in /www/britansk/users/britansk-instido/www/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/facebook-social-plugins/socialplugins.php on line 143

    There is no such line on the main page though, as well as other pages, where the like button is not activated.

    Please advise how to solve it. Thanks.

  • http://olussier.net/ Olivier

    Please upgrade to the latest 1.2.3 release. It fixes this bug and a few others.

  • Erniea

    Hi I installed the plugin but it only shows up in PAGES and not in POSTS. any ideas? I went to the settings and made sure that both posts and pages are indicated as areas where it should show but no dice. thanks in advance.

  • http://olussier.net/ Olivier

    Interesting problem… First time I hear about this one. Could you provide your blog's URL so I can check it out?

  • http://robertantwi.com/blog Antwirobert

    I added the like button happily, then i set up a facebook fan page and then it disappeared, i have tried to set up a new app id and still no joy, please advise

  • http://www.wehelpyourock.com/ Mike Walsh

    hi – I havent had any issues with a bug but I have the following question. Where do I see the analytics of who has “liked” something? Here's an example of people a blog post that was “liked” but I don't know who they are. can you help? thanks. http://bit.ly/scottharrison

  • http://olussier.net/ Olivier

    This is the same than the problem with Facebook share button interfering, but in your case it seems to be Facebook Connect. The XFBML version of the Social Plugins require the newest version of Facebook's API, but it is incompatible with the older version. If it is possible for you to switch to the newest version for Connect, it should solve the problem. Otherwise you may want to revert to the iframe version for the Social Plugins (remove your app id from the settings).

  • http://olussier.net/ Olivier

    One thing sure: my plugin doesn't give any stats. I am not sure what kind of stats you can get from Facebook regarding the likes on your posts, but as far as I know, unless they are your friends, you can't see who liked them, only how many. This would be coherent with the privacy settings which should disallow any non-friend to see anything posted as private, including the likes.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still having the issue and I just installed the plug-in today. I created a new post as a test and that still did not change anything – it still didn’t work. Any ideas?

  • http://olussier.net/ Olivier

    What is your blog url?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Olivier – I realize this is a larger problem now.. But en example URL is http://tinyurl.com/4eb2x6j