Facebook Social Plugins with IE8 [Fix]

Many people reported that my Facebook Social Plugins WordPress plugin didn’t work with Internet Explorer 8. However, it was working fine with IE8 on most blogs and I didn’t have enough information to be able to reproduce the problem. Today, while helping a friend with her blog, I finally came across the problem and was able to figure out how to fix it. Here is the explanation of the problem and what to do to fix it.

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Eavify Your World! [jQuery Plugin + EA Tools 0.3]

Empire Avenue is gaining in popularity and many WordPress bloggers seem to enjoy the Empire Avenue plugin I released about two weeks ago. I am pleased to see that it is proving useful to some of you. Today, I am however even more pleased to announce not only version 0.3 of EA Tools, but a brand new jQuery plugin named Eavify, which can be used on ANY web page – not only WordPress blogs.
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EA Tools 0.2: Ticker Links Meet Badges

A new update is available for the Empire Avenue Tools plugin for WordPress. It introduces a tooltip on the ticker links that show the badge for that ticker.

Update the plugin from your dashboard or download it from the plugin’s page.

There are more features coming soon and ideas are most welcome!

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Empire Avenue: The Influence Market [Plus: New WP Plugin]

You may have heard about it. You may even be annoyed by some people tweeting too much about it. It’s called Empire Avenue, and it can be highly addictive! Let me tell you more about what it is and what it can do for you. Also, I’ll introduce a new WordPress plugin I made to integrate EA (Empire Avenue) in your blog.
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WordPress 3.0 Is Here!

As you probably know, WordPress 3.0 was released today, with a bunch of new features and improvements. Watch the video below for a preview of what’s new.

For those of you wondering about FB Social Plugins, my plugin works fine with 3.0. Actually, most plugins from 2.9 should still work with 3.0. Let me know if you encounter any plugin that doesn’t.

Go ahead and download WordPress 3.0 now, or upgrade from your dashboard.

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How to Use Geolocation to Locate Your Visitors

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and the iPad, location-aware applications are flourishing. On the other hand, with HTML5 and all of its amazing features, web applications seem to be the way to go. So, how exactly do you locate your web application visitors? Let’s start with a little background information on geolocation.
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Facebook Bug on New Like Buttons

Earlier today, Dave H reported that he was getting an error when trying to use the Like button on his website. It appears that this error is widespread and is a bug coming from Facebook. When clicking on “Like” the user will see a red “Error” message and clicking on it will say that the page could not be reached. It seems to affect all newly created Like buttons. So, if you newly install the plugin, it will affect all your posts. If you already have the plugin, all your existing posts should be fine, but any new post should be affected (this includes the Like button on this very post… try it, you’ll probably get the error).
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FB Social Plugins 1.2: Open Graph and Language

Version 1.2 of my plugin is out! The changes are quite minor this time though and you won’t even see any new setting here. I have added some basic Open Graph tags that improve the way the likes appear on Facebook profiles. The other change is for non-English blogs: the plugins will now automatically display in the blog’s default language.

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FB Social Plugins for WP 1.1 and Wow!

First of all, I must say a big WOW! When I started writing my Facebook Social Plugins WordPress plugin, it was simply a first attempt at a WordPress plugin and was only for my own usage. Still, I made it available to everyone who could be interested. I didn’t expect that much interest! There have been many hundreds downloads so far and I have received a good amount of positive comments. I am glad that the plugin proves useful to all of you!

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Facebook Social Plugins for WordPress: New Version Available

I am pleased to announce a new version of my Facebook Social Plugins WordPress plugin. You can now get the plugin from WordPress.org.

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Posted in WordPress at April 30th, 2010. 16 Comments.